• Oh my, Eva, what fun we had! The dancing, the people, the cruise, all of it – wonderful! I very much look forward to our next voyage with you. We were in good hands and we knew it. Thanks again!
    Jim Frame
    Ukiah, California
  • Hi Eva! Having a great time! Hotel is terrific and the service is excellent. The highlight has been Paola (guide in Rome)- she is truly amazing. A fountain of knowledge and funny, too. We had a wonderful time with her. You were right: She really brings Ancient Rome to life.”
    Dabney Cortina
    Virginia, USA
  • Eva, you’re a genius! You definitely know how to get a girl turned on to travel! Getting on the Esprit in Venice was an adventure into Luxury Land!
    Arlene Taveroff
    D.D.O., Quebec
  • “Eva, you should get a cape and a mask call yourself Travel Girl – the superhero that every traveler needs: fighting injustice for travelers who can’t fight for themselves. Thanks for putting all that time in (and succeeding).”
    Dr. Anthony Chung
    Toronto, Ontario

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